27th September 2012 - London


The roadmap to a low-carbon economy

Marco Mensink, Deputy Director General, Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)

The CEPI 2050 roadmap is a vision for the paper industry as part of the forest fibre sector for 2050. The roadmap describes the fundamentals in demographics and resource scarcity which will come to our doorstep in the next decades. It gives an outlook for the different segments of the industry and the impact on costs pressures. As principal author of CEPI's strategy, Marco Mensink will outline the industry's plans to achieve 50% more added value from forest fibre on the road to 2050 while cutting
CO2 emissions by 80%. Playing its role in the Brussels debate, the roadmap not only outlines the industry vision, but also the demands on the policy framework needed to make the fundamental changes ahead.

Marco Mensink holds a Master of Science Degree in Forestry and Business Management from the Agricultural University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. Before joining CEPI in March 2006, he worked for six years as Energy & Environment Director at the Royal Netherlands' Paper and Board Association. Prior to this he spent six years with Ernst & Young Management Consulting, working in Environmental Management and assessing the environmental issues in mergers and acquisitions.
As CEPI's Deputy Director General, he is responsible representing papermakers' interests relating to Public Affairs and Climate Change and Energy issues.