27th September 2012 - London


A broken model? The case for change!

Nigel Stubley, Managing Director, Northend Creative Print Solutions
BPIF non-executive director and Paper Committee member

As falling demand forces mills to continue to shut or mothball existing paper production capacity, new investment will be successively repurposed to the production of biomass and other alternative wood products. In turn, the cost of paper-based products is expected to climb as a consequence of reduced raw material supplies. Nigel Stubley will highlight just how vital it will be for printers to work with paper suppliers to minimise supply chain costs, and find new ways to add more value to their customers business through innovative print and e-communication solutions.

Nigel Stubley's formative years were spent in sales and marketing with Unilever and Mars. At 26 he founded his own fresh pasta company and grew it to a market leadership position supplying brand
and own label to Tesco, Sainsbury et al, as well as the key Foodservice players. He sold The Pasta Company to Geest PLC in 1992 and ran their chilled convenience foods division before a lifestyle change saw him get into print in 1996 with firstly Northend, and then with VC money, he built up the £10m turnover De Lisle group, which was sold in 2007. He now owns award-winning Northend Creative
Print Solutions.