27th September 2012 - London


Optimising paper supply chain management

Robert McClements, Chief Executive, Print Yorkshire

With 80% of paper costs taken up by the cost of the paper itself, reducing supply chain costs requires close collaboration between printers and merchants. Robert McClements is the author of a new BPIF-NAPM guide Optimising paper supply chain management , which will be launched at the conference. He will examine how printers and merchants can work together to reduce supply chain costs, streamlining procurement and enhancing the efficiency of distribution processes. This session
will examine best practice in improving operational efficiency in purchasing, supply and logistics. It will also suggest actions printers can take to get more value from the paper they buy and how these will influence purchasing decisions and paper selection criteria.

Robert McClements has extensive experience as Managing Director of printing companies in paper purchasing for sheet fed litho, screen print and contract newspaper printing. He has a passion for effective negotiating and has used his
practical experience to good effect as a consultant to senior executives and non-executive director in printing. During the last 10 years he has also trained senior managers at the BBC in the skills of commercial negotiation and worked internationally including the US and Middle East.